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Does my child have ADHD?
My child has been diagnosed with ADHD. What next?
If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, you probably have many questions. What is it? How long does it last? What are the best treatments? How can I help at school, at home, and with friends?

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Understanding the Temperament of Children

Will my child outgrow ADHD?
ADHD is a genetic difference in the brain. It remains constant 24/7/365. Research has shown that most persons with ADHD do not grow out of it as was previously believed.

Why does my child need medication?
Research has shown that ADHD is caused by a shortage of certain chemicals in the brain - norepinephrin and dopamine. These chemicals help us to focus, plan, consider the consequences of actions, prioritize, and remember. ADHD medications supplement these missing chemicals, much as diabetes medications supplement insulin.

Unfortunately there is a wealth of inaccurate information available about side effects and problems with ADHD medications. But more research has been done on these medications than on any other medication you might give to your child. Be sure you get the whole story before you decide about using any medication.
Which medication is best for my child?
There are many medications available for ADHD these days. One type is the psychostimulant, which becomes active within an hour or so of ingestion. It remains active in the body for a certain number of hours (ranging from 4 to 16 hours) depending on the medication you use. Then the medication leaves the body until taken once again. There are two families of psychostimulants: the Ritalin type and the Adderall type. Most children do equally well on either type, but about one-third have a preference. Your medical professional will take various individual factors into consideration when prescribing the appropriate medication. If you would like to know more about these medications, Call me 302-345-7819 or Email
What's the best dose?
There is no one dose to fit all. There is a specific titration algorithm which should be used to determine the optimal dose. This dose is likely to change, if the child puts on substantial body mass, either getting heavier or taller. If you would like to know more about this titration algorithm for finding the best dose, Call me 302-345-7819 or

Do I or my spouse have ADHD?
ADHD has a strong genetic component. Often when a child is diagnosed with ADHD, one or both parents will realize that they have the same symptoms. If you suspect you may have ADHD, I can do a preliminary screening and point you toward the appropriate professional. Call me 302-345-7819 or Email
How can parents and the ADHD coach help at school?
There are many areas at school where your child is probably not working to full potential. As your ADHD counselor, I can survey these areas with you and give you specific skills to help. Call me 302-345-7819 or Email

How can parents and the ADHD coach help at home?
Some areas which may be problems at home include: the child not being able to follow multiple instructions; being disorganized with homework; not being able to sit still; trouble-making with siblings; and many others. As your coach, I can help you identify these areas and give you specific skills to teach. Call me 302-345-7819 or Email

How can parents and the ADHD help with social relationships?
Sometimes children with ADHD have a hard time keeping friends, because of their impulsivity and inattention to social cues. As your coach, I can help you understand these problems and give you step-by-step skills to teach. Call me 302-345-7819 or Email
There are 3 areas of the ADHD:
1-High activity level can be exhibited in four areas:
Large muscle activity (running, jumping, always on the move)
Small muscle activity (foot jiggling, finger tapping, wiggling objects)
Mental activity (brain constantly thinking of things, thoughts bouncing around)
Vocal activity (constantly talking)

2-Problems with attention
When something is of low interest, it is hard to pay attention, but
When interested, attention span may be longer than others.

Acting before thinking
Blurting out
A child with symptoms in all 3 areas is diagnosed with ADHD, Combined.
A child with only inattention problems is diagnosed as ADHD, Primarily Inattentive.
If you want to know whether your child may have ADHD, call or email me for an informal screening to learn whether to move forward or not.

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