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Understanding the temperament of children
Growth and learning with a parenting coach
Finding success with an adhd counselor
Understanding the temperament of children
WELCOME TO  Practical Parenting
Enjoying success with an adhd counselor
Is your family life ruled by a child who refuses to cooperate?
    Is your child shy?  Is your child very sensitive?
         Does your child find it difficult to speak when at school?
            Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD or Bipolar Disorder?
                     If not, do you wonder whether he or she might have it?
    I can help bring peace and harmony back to your family life. I provide you with the tools, through coaching and teaching, to find the practical solutions you need to face the ups and downs of your day-to-day parenting challenges.

    No matter where you live, we can work together through the many miracles of modern technology - phone, email, Skype. While my offices are located in the greater Boston area, my services as a parenting coach are successfully provided on-line via email and Skype(R). To capture your concerns about your child's behavior, I may ask you to send a video of the behavior you wish to change. In many cases this actually provides a better window on your actual experience than an office or home visit, when everyone is on their best behavior.

    If your child fits one of the descriptions above, click on that link to find out more.

How We Can Help
    By learning and using my five step process called ADAPT Processfs© parents are able to bring about behavior change, often in a very short time.  These steps are:
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Parenting Coach & ADHD Counselor

    When we know about the temperament of children, along with our caring and understanding of the uniqueness of your child, we can craft creative solutions for your child and family to better cope with difficult situations.
    As your parenting coach or ADHD counselor, I can assist in finding the solutions which best fit your family and help your child succeed.

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Second, we DEFINE your child's temperament needs.
    I need to learn about your family situation, and you parents need to learn about temperament as it specifically applies to your child.  We accomplish this with weekly lessons e-mailed to you, followed by a coaching session, in person, on the phone, or by Skype.  So you can live anywhere in the world and still take part in this program.
Third, we ALIGN the environment to the temperament needs of your child.
    We look at aspects of your environment which can be quickly changed to be more in line with the temperament needs of your child.  By making these changes, you can quickly lowered that stress in your family.  I called the ease changes tricks of the trade.
First, we ASSESS your child's temperament profile.
    We need to know the temperament of your child.  There are excellent standardized temperament questionnaires for parents to fill out about their child. This will give us a score for each of the nine temperament traits.
Fourth, we PRESENT new behaviors.
    I coach you on how to change some of the behaviors of your child to be more in line with family values and needs.  This further reduces stress and teaches your child how to deal with the larger world.
Fifth, we TRANSFER responsibility to your child.
    You learn a process for gradually turning responsibility over to your child to understand his or her own temperament; seek out appropriate environments when possibl; and to deal with situations which are a poor fit when necessary without inappropriate behavior or undue stress.