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About Dr. Robin Hegvik
Work Experience
  • Individual, Couple, Family and Group Therapy
  • Founder of Practical Parenting
  • Business Consulting
  • Course Designer and Teacher
  • Author
  • Researcher
  • Founder and Executive Director of  the Hegvik School of Music
  • Seminar Designer & Presenter to Medical, Mental Health, Education & Business
  • Communities in Parenting, Temperament, ADHD, Leadership and Team Building
Life Experience
  • Two daughters and three grandchildren
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My Practical Parenting Coach
My Story
When I started graduate school, I began learning about how temperament shapes our life experiences. It soon became clear that my own children were of very different temperaments, and crafting environments specifically suited their individual needs was helpful to me and to them.

I founded Practical Parenting to teach parenting based on temperament, a subject unfamiliar to most parents.

Very early on, two separate families came to me because their four year olds had been kicked out of preschool. That is such a heart-wrenching experience for parents, and both families were in turmoil.

Each family had sought advice from child psychiatrists and each had been told their child had Oppositional Defiant Disorder, that troubles would continue, and that there was nothing they could do. One therapist even concluded, "This child is headed for jail."

My approach was different. The first step for me was to get a temperament profile of each child. I wanted to understand how these children were interacting with their environment. We discovered that these children were of a Nonadaptable temperament. 

As it turned out, the preschools these children were attending were poor matches for their temperament needs.

I worked with the parents to find appropriate preschools for their children's unique nonadatable temperaments, and in these new environments the children blossomed and thrived.

These and many similar experiences over the years have cemented my resolve to make temperament information available to parents and families struggling with similar issues.

Temperament knowledge, along with caring and understanding, can help us craft creative solutions for children and families coping with difficult situations.

Dr. Robin L. Hegvik, PhD
Robin L. Hegvik, PhD, has a broad base of life experience which draws from science, the arts, business, family, and education. She has taught, coached, consulted, researched, performed, and worked with both her hands and her mind to discover what makes each person unique, and how best to use each person's gifts.

Graduated from Temple University (PhD Educational Psychology), her varied professional experiences contribute to her deep understanding of how uniquely different each person is. Some of these experiences are listed below.